Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Marriage Equality

With two gay marriage cases recently arriving at the Supreme Court, there is a lot of talk about "marriage equality" throughout the United States (and especially in my home state of Minnesota where the state government is also arguing the issue).
The term "marriage equality" is constantly thrown about within the national discussion over gay marriage. Unfortunately "marriage equality" tends to mean equal government supervision over the love of two human beings. 
On the one hand, "marriage" tends to mean nothing more in legal terms than a tax status these days. Tax reform would go a long way towards taking marriage out of the legal equation in the first place (though other problems might arise with so-called "tax reform" - but that's a different story altogether). Since the income tax is immoral, allowing gay people to take advantage of the same tax loopholes that straight married couples have is definitely preferred. On the other hand, watching people demand a government rubber stamp for their marriage is, well.... kind of sad.

The term "marriage equality" sums up exactly what I believe in; however, it is a different meaning than what is usually defined in the media. I want the government out of marriage altogether.
Marriage would be equal for everyone in every sense by solely being about the promise between individuals and not including the government at all. Does this mean that two people of the same sex would be able to move in together and pledge their love and lives to one another without the threat of government sanctions? Yes. It also means that the government would stay out of the marriages between straight couples as well; no government approval necessary and no licensing fees. That makes for extra time and extra funds to be spent on the honeymoon, I would think.
Whose idea was it to fork over personal sovereignty and property for a government-issued license allowing you to marry the person you love anyway? Gay marriage may one day be legal in the eyes of the law but, with the government in charge of marriage, a lifetime of love will never be free.

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